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Durham student house as investment

Top-five university locations for would-be investors, according to


1. LONDON: There are more than 250,000 students across the capital. In 2011, the average rent paid for a student flat was £278 a week, according to Knight Frank. A student with an en-suite room in a shared property paid an average £210 per week.

2. BRIGHTON: The University of Brighton has around 21,000 students and there are 12,000-plus at the University of Sussex. Average rent for a student apartment available through, a specialist website, is £150 per room per week.

3. EDINBURGH: Demand is high as Scottish and EU students are exempt from fees in Scotland. Edinburgh University calculates that the typical rent paid per week by students — in shared accommodation, or individual flats — costs between £70 and £76.

4. DURHAM: With 11,500 undergraduate students at the university, this small town is pushed to meet demand for low-cost accommodation. The website calculates that a student room in a shared property will cost around £71 a week.

5. MANCHESTER: Room or apartment rents vary from £50 to £140 a week, according to

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